I have like 277262 kisses saved up for you


you’re the lingering cigarette smoke
resting on the end of my tongue
touching each syllable, nestled between my
fingers, and resting against my chest

you’re the burning sensation
in my lungs, and the dizziness that
swells and washes over my 
head with each inhale

you’re the heaviness
sleeping atop my eyelids—
the gloss coating the
whites around my iris’

you’re the inescapable 
addiction that consoles me 
on lonely afternoons, and 
stays with me at two a.m.

small update for those who never hear from me (aka anyone who follows me and isn’t friends with me on facebook) 

my mental health, at this current moment, has completely recovered. i’ve found my soul mate so i’m not being a dumb sad loser anymore sopping over the ideal of being lonely. i’ve been incredibly happy, my meds are regulated, and by december i should be the happiest boy on the planet. all is well and good. nothing too destructive going on. but yes, that’s my life update.